Master Tow 80-Inch Tow Dolly – No Brakes

Enjoy simple vehicle towing with the Master Tow 80-inch tow dolly. Whether you are moving a few miles away or need to transport cars across town for your business, you can trust this tow dolly to deliver reliable performance.

How an 80-Inch Tow Dolly Can Help With Your Towing Needs

Tow dollies are ideal when you need to transport a car over a short distance and want to prevent unnecessary mileage during the process. They work best for front-wheel drive cars since you can load them easily without disconnecting the drive shaft. The dolly holds your towed vehicle’s front wheels, while the back tires roll on the ground during transport. This setup reduces the load on your towing vehicle, giving you more convenience and flexibility.

Tow dollies are compact, easy to use and simple to tow and store. They can be useful for transporting a vehicle across the city for a move or for your business, and they can help tow your car behind your RV when you’re camping or traveling.

Benefits of the Master Tow 80-Inch Tow Dolly

The Master Tow 80-inch tow dolly offers several features to make your towing experience seamless. A few include:

  • Straps and safety chains to secure your towed vehicle
  • Raised tread grip patterns to improve traction and safety
  • Durable fenders to protect the dolly and your towed vehicle
  • Waterproof LED lights to enhance safety in any weather or road condition

Since this tow dolly has no brakes, you can add your preferred brand or brake type to accommodate your needs. The tow dolly allows for a maximum vehicle width of 78 inches between front doors and a load capacity of 2,950 pounds, so you can transport small to full-size vehicles and some vans and trucks

Master Tow 80″ Tow Dolly – No Brakes



  • 80″ Wide Tow Dolly with No Brakes
  • Straps Included
  • Max Vehicle Width 78″ to Front Doors
    *We can assist you tying down your vehicle for 1 hour of labor ($125)
  • we cannot be held responsible for any damages