Carry-On 6.4′ x 12′ Landscape Utility Trailer

Not all landscape utility trailers are made equal. When you purchase the Carry-On 6.4′ x 12′ Landscape Utility Trailer from All Pro Trailer Superstore, you’re sure to get an attachment that will deliver. Carry diverse tools, machines or small vehicles seamlessly with this versatile trailer.

About the Carry-On 6.4′ x 12′ Utility Trailer

This Carry-On utility trailer is perfect for landscaping businesses of any size, whether you need one or multiple trailers. With a 2,010-pound loading limit, you can transport landscaping tools, riding mowers and safety equipment to your location.

The single-axle design helps reduce the overall weight of this Carry-On model. The entire assembly weighs 980 pounds and can be easily moved between trucks if needed. The Carry-On 6.4′ x 12′ Landscape Utility Trailer features a side and rear ramp for convenient loading.

Transport materials safely and easily with technology including a 4-flat electrical plug, safety chains and protected wiring. With DOT lighting, you’ll stay visible on the road no matter the time of day or night.

Carry-On Utility Trailer Benefits

Prepare for different jobs with a single attachment from All Pro Trailer Superstore. Rely on this Carry-On landscape utility trailer to haul equipment of all sizes with ease. The single-axle trailer can navigate through tight spaces and drive over grass, gravel and asphalt. Head to remote sites knowing you can transport mowers, tree trimmers, bags of mulch, planting soil, power tools and more.

The Carry-On 6.4′ x 12′ Landscape Utility Trailer hides dirt with a black exterior coating. Plus, the wood flooring is treated for a professional appearance and provides solid traction in wet or dry conditions.

Open the side or rear ramp gate in seconds to guide equipment up the platform for loading. This feature saves you from having to jump in and out of the trailer to access what you need. Thanks to the 15″ tires, this trailer is ready to navigate through it all.

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Carry-On 6.4 x 12 Landscape Utility Trailer | Utility Trailer


  • Main Frame 3” x 2” Angle
  • Treated Wood Floor
  • DOT Lighting
  • 2” A-Frame Coupler with Safety Chains
  • 3500lb Cambered Axle
  • 2000lb Top Wind Jack
  • Wire Protected in Conduit
  • 4-Flat Electrical Plug
  • Mesh Side Ramp
  • 15” Tires
  • 72” x 49” Rear Ramp Gate