The Carry-On 6.4 x 12 Landscape Utility Trailer with a Side ATV Gate is a versatile trailer designed for hauling equipment and ATVs. Here are the details:


  • Versatile Design: Suitable for both equipment and ATV hauling, providing flexibility for various uses.
  • Sturdy Construction: The main frame made of 3” x 2” angle ensures durability and stability during transportation.
  • Treated Wood Floor: Offers a reliable and durable surface for carrying equipment or ATVs.
  • Mesh Ramps and Gates: Facilitate easy loading and unloading of ATVs and equipment while ensuring proper ventilation and visibility.
  • DOT Lighting: Ensures compliance with safety regulations and enhances visibility on the road.
  • Cambered Axle: Provides improved handling and stability, especially when carrying heavy loads.
  • Top Wind Jack: Allows for easy lifting and lowering of the trailer tongue, simplifying hitching and unhitching.
  • Wire Protection: Conduit-protected wiring minimizes the risk of damage and ensures electrical safety.
  • High Mesh Sides: Helps contain cargo securely while allowing for ample airflow and visibility.

Ideal Use:

  • Ideal for landscaping businesses, homeowners, or ATV enthusiasts needing a versatile trailer for hauling equipment and ATVs.
  • Suitable for transporting lawn mowers, garden tools, small ATVs, or similar equipment for various outdoor tasks.

The Carry-On 6.4 x 12 Landscape Utility Trailer with a Side ATV Gate offers durability, versatility, and convenience, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of hauling needs.

Carry-On 6.4 x 12 Landscape Utility Trailer – Side ATV Gate



  • Condition: Leftover
  • Manufacturer: Carry-On
  • Axle: Single
  • Rear Door/Gate: Ramp Gate
  • Side Door/Gate: Side ATV Gate
  • GVWR: 2,990 lbs
  • Empty Weight: 900 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 2,090 lbs
  • Model: 6X12GWHSATV
  • Color: Black
  • Main Frame: 3” x 2” Angle
  • Floor: Treated Wood
  • Lights: DOT Lighting
  • Coupler: 2” A-Frame Coupler with Safety Chains
  • Axle: 3,500 lb Cambered Axle
  • Jack: 2,000 lb Top Wind Jack
  • Wiring: Wire Protected in Conduit
  • Plug: 4-Flat Electrical Plug
  • Ramp/Gate: Side Mesh Ramp and 72” x 49” Rear Mesh Ramp Gate
  • Tires: 15” Tires
  • Sides: High Mesh Sides
  • Deck Size: 76″ W x 12′ L