The Car Mate 8.5 x 20 Enclosed Car Hauler with an extended tongue offers versatility, durability, and ample space for hauling vehicles or equipment. Here are the details of this model:

Dimensions and Features:

  • Deck Size: 96″ x 20′
  • Rear Door: Ramp door, 94″ W x 81″ T
  • Side Door: 48″ W x 76″ T
  • Interior Height: 7′ (84″ T)
  • Axles: Dual 6,000 lb Torsion Axles
  • Tires: 22575R15 Radial
  • Coupler: 2-5/16″ Coupler
  • Between Fenders: 82″
  • Beaver Tail: Yes
  • Lights: All LED Lights, (2) LED Dome Lights
  • Wall Vents: Included for improved ventilation
  • Roof: One Piece Roof
  • Flooring: Marine Grade Plywood Painted Flooring
  • Tie Downs: (4) 5000lb Tie Downs
  • Exterior: Screwless Exterior for a modern and sleek appearance
  • Extended Tongue: Provides additional space and stability, with an adjustable coupler for ease of towing
  • Added Height: 6″ for increased interior space and versatility

Ideal Usage:

  • Vehicle Transport: Suitable for hauling cars, trucks, or other vehicles safely and securely.
  • Equipment Hauling: Perfect for transporting equipment, machinery, or supplies to various locations.
  • Recreational Use: Ideal for transporting recreational vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, or personal belongings for outdoor activities.

The Car Mate 8.5 x 20 Enclosed Car Hauler with an extended tongue is designed to meet the demands of hauling various loads while providing durability, convenience, and ease of use.

Car Mate 8.5 x 20 Enclosed Car Hauler- Extended Tongue



  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer: Car Mate
  • Axle: Dual
  • Rear Door/Gate: Ramp door
  • Side Door/Gate: Side door
  • GVWR: 9,990 lbs
  • Empty Weight: 3,995 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 5,995 lbs
  • Model: CM820C-CT
  • Colors: Black, White, Gray, Silver