If your construction or landscaping business uses pickup trucks to relocate materials, your team probably uses shovels to fill and empty the bed. Whether you’re working with gravel, soil, sand or another material, converting your pickup into a dump truck is an efficient way to save time and labor.

The BWise 8-foot steel dump insert is ideal for teams that load and unload supplies daily. Work with All Pro Trailer Superstore to get accessories that help you reimagine vehicles you already have in your fleet.

About the BWise 8-Foot Steel Dump Insert

The BWise dump insert is compatible with standard 8-foot pickup beds. Rather than shoveling heavy aggregates out of your vehicle, you can quickly dump materials where you need them. Professionals utilize this pickup dump bed insert to remain efficient on the job while protecting bed surfaces.

This insert measures 64 inches wide and 101 ¾ inches long. It supports a 5,230-pound loading capacity. When the dump bed is empty, the assembly weighs 770 pounds. Each insert is constructed with a 12-gauge steel floor for sheer strength.

This PPG powder-coated dump insert comes with a 20-foot remote to raise and lower the bed. You can use the scissor-style hoist to empty your truck’s bed with precision. A built-in tarp rail is available for extra-heavy loads. Position your own tarp to protect the load and ensure everything stays put during transit.

Benefits of the BWise 8-Foot Pickup Dump Bed Insert

If your construction or landscaping business already has a fleet of trucks, it might not make sense to purchase a designated dump truck. You can use these inserts to make your current vehicles more versatile. The 8-foot dump bed is ideal for use with various loose materials. The insert showcases a 12-gauge steel floor and 14-gauge steel siding for long-term durability.

You can use the dump insert with a wired remote or upgrade the system for wireless functionality. Stake pockets, a full-length tarp rail and a one-piece tailgate are included as standard equipment.

Installing the BWise 8-foot pickup dump bed insert takes little time, and the assembly is removable. You can store it between uses or move it from one vehicle to another as needed.

BWise 8′ Steel In-Bed Dump Insert

MODEL: DI-100-8

  • Fits: 8′ Truck Bed
  • Bed Size: 64″ W x 101 3/4″ L
  • Volume: 2.0 Cubic Yards
  • Lift Capacity: 6,000 lbs
  • Empty Weight: 770 lbs
  • 12 Gauge Steel Floor
  • 17″ Fixed Sides (14 Gauge)
  • Stake Pockets (8)
  • Full Length Tarp Rail
  • Full Length Rub Rail
  • One Piece Tailgate
  • Bucher Power Unit w/ 20′ Remote
  • Scissor Hoist
  • PPG Powder Coat